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The Vests

The Vests are: David Cooper (Guitar) Roy Grant (Guitar and Vocals) Graeme Carswell (Bass and Vocals) and Robin Fisher (Drums).

Be sure to check the website regularly for updates and information about upcoming performances.

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Welcome to the Official Website of The Vests Band

Kilted Vests

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The Vests Band - Formal Dress 

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Public Reaction

What people are saying about The Vests:

"Men who really should know better but fortunately didn't care!" Jinty Carswell

"Brilliant way to spend a wet Saturday" Morag Walker

"Top class" Nicky Murray

"They are super fab!" Iain Shackell

"At least he's not just sitting about on his arse!" Elizabeth Cooper (Dave's Mum)

"It's the year of the vest" Kelly Jones (Stereophonic's)

"I've been playing in bands for 35 years but honestly haven't enjoyed myself as much as I have with the vests tonight" Jim Walker (Berkley Springs)

"Fabulous night boys on Saturday, great music and banter and who can forget the Kazoo’s and the ‘Coos’JAni McK (Ani’s 50th Garden party)

"Much better than watching the telly anyway!" Kathryn Houston

"Absolutely fantastic band and great bunch of guys. It was a real privilege to see you play. Thanks again." Paul McManus (GUN)

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